Creative Name Tags for Events: 3 Inspiring Ideas!

May 3, 2024


Why invest in name tags for events?

Name tags are a great investment for events. Having name tags for events can make a big difference in the overall experience for everyone at the event. They can help attendees break the ice because people can network with ease and less pressure of having to remember names. Name Tags also allow people to develop better relationships.

According to BizBash Teen Vogue recently had name badges at their first ever summit that were intended to spark conversation. Each name tag included the attendees social media handle and a cause they were passionate about. Name tags can be such a great way for attendees to feel more connected to each other instantly!

Choosing a Name Tag Design

When it comes to choosing a name tag design, consider several factors. Does it align with your event theme? Audience preference? Branding? Logistical requirements? So many things to consider, but luckily, there are so many awesome custom name badges to choose from so there is sure to be something for everyone.

First, you will want to consider the theme of the event or type of conference you might be attending. A rustic brown leatherette badge might be perfect for a trade show in Texas but a classic rounded corner black plastic name badge might be better for a tech conference in San Francisco. Think about the environment that the event is taking place in first and foremost.

You will definitely want to incorporate your branding elements into the design as well. You can add your logo next to the names on an engraved name tag or you can get a full color printed logo and utilize your company colors on a printed name badge. Think about how much information you want to include because that will help you determine size and shape. There are large rectangle plastic name tags as well as slimmer standard rectangles. Including the title along with the name can help people at a trade show for example find the right person to talk to. Or you can include the slogan from the event to get into the spirit of the event.

Creative Name Tag Ideas for Your Next Event of Conference

Professional and Sleek Custom Engraved Name Tags with Magnetic Clasp

Custom creative engraved name tags for events offer a sleek and professional look. They are reusable and durable. They also include a magnetic clasp on the back so that they will stay in place without damaging clothing. According to Forbes, “people don’t always want to put a pin in their clothes and using high quality magnetic name tags elevates the perceived quality of the event.” Custom engraved name tags can be ordered in a variety of leatherette options. Choose between pink, black, rustic brown, and rose to name a few color variations.

Conversation Starter Temporary Name Tags

Temporary name tags are a great solution for getting to know each other a little better. These paper name tags offer a blank slate for people to write on. They can be ordered in bulk in rolls, making them easy to pass out to attendees. Attendees can express themselves creatively in the way they write their names, draw little images and have a little fun with their custom temporary name tag. This can also be a great way for a conversation starter game. You can have everyone at the event write fun facts about themselves on their name tags. This is such a fun way to create a conversation around the room through custom name tags.

Fun, Matching Custom Lanyards

Order custom lanyards for your event! This is a fun way to give someone something to take home. Lanyards can help enhance the look of a name tag in a plastic holder. They will also help your attendees to not lose their name badges. For some events and trade shows name badges play a huge role in security of the event. Lanyards make it easier for security to spot name badges and make sure attendees are in the right place. They are fun and functional! You can get them in a variety of colors so that you can match the event theme/ colors too. In addition to their added fun, lanyards are something the attendees can use again on another occasion. Custom lanyards are such a fun and creative way to enhance name tags for events!